Collection: Pregnancy pillows

The Woolland produces high quality comfortable pregnancy pillows made from specially selected natural textiles and materials. 

Pregnancy is really of the most important but not so pleasant periods of times for the future mothers. That is why we aim to deliver them calm and comfortable nights with our natural pregnancy pillows.

In the process of making we use highest quality natural textiles for the cover such as pure hemp fabric, stonewashed linen, merino wool or luxurious cotton sateen. All fabrics are Oeko-tex 100 certified for not containing any harmful substances. 

For filling we use our favorite wool which is always the best for sleeping. The wool has a lot of benefits - it is soft and provides warmth but doesn't sweat the body as it is natural temperature regulator. That is why it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool is also breathable, absorbs the wet and insulates. It doesn't ignite and it is naturally flame retardant.

Our natural maternity pillows has an ergonomic shape so they can provide a support and to be comfortable for the moms-to-be. 

The U shaped pregnancy pillow gives perfect simultaneous support for the bely and the back. 

C shaped pregnancy pillow also secures the bely or the back depending of the direction you put the pillow on. 

Both pillows are supper comfort for the neck and the head and always ready for a snuggle.