Collection: Organic Mattress Pads

The Woolland produces comfortable mattress toppers for your bed made of all-natural fibers.

We have special series of handmade woolen toppers sewn by our handcrafters from the finest Bulgarian raw wool for stuffing and pure linen for the cover.

We also have wool mattress toppers with two different sides. Cover's winter side is from merino wool and summer side is from cotton sateen or pure linen, or natural hemp fabric. The core of those super thick and soft feeling merino wool toppers is from 4 layered woolen padding which provides softness but is also stable to lay over it.

Third option natural mattress toppers that we produce are our orthopedic foam series. They also have natural wool , or linen, or hemp covers but have an orthopedic foam core inside. They are recommended for customers with back pains or lumbar problems. The natural fibers on the cover still secure the connection with the mother nature but the foam core gives the support for your back.

All our natural mattress toppers are Fully customizable - we can make ANY size or shape or composition that you may need and we would be glad to do so. You can freely contact us with all custom your inquiries.