Collection: Natural Blankets and Duvets

Series of Natural merino wool blankets produced by the Woolland. As we really love merino wool it is always the main material used in our blankets and duvets.

We propose a couple of different options for special all natural woolen blanket and all of them are Fully customizable. We can make a natural blanket especially per your requirements. Different sizes are possible to be made exactly per customer needs and as we can also change the composition, color or design. For customizing you blanket please send us PRODUCT CUSTOMIZING INQUIRY here

Natural merino wool blankets 

We have an option with 100% merino wool fabric use in both sides of the blanket. Those are for really cold winter as they have each merino wool side with 450 grams per square meters wool. So for both sides there are 900 gsm wool which secures your warmth during the cold winter nights.

Pure linen and wool blankets

These blankets have three different layers. Summer side is made of natural linen super soft linen fabric which delivers unique freshness and lightness when it touches the body. Middle layer is made of quilted woolen padding which is 300 gsm (or 350 per your needs). Winter side is from merino wool fabric which is 450 gsm. These merino wool and linen duvets are lighter but still warm. With their total of 750-800 gsm they can freely be used during the coldest winter nights as well.

Quilts duvets with natural wool filling

The quilts we make with 3 options for a surface (cover) . Those comforters can be made of pure linen, cotton or cotton sateen, or organic hemp fabric. Their filling is from woolen batting which is 300 or 350 gsm but we can also double the layers so we can make a subzero quilt. Those are all season blankets - they are still warm but much more lighter than our other woolen blankets.

Throws and TV blankets 

We also have pure merino wool throws which we produce on our vintage very old looms. These woolen blankets are traditional for our country. We keep all production steps adopted from very old times from collecting the wool , then washing it on the river, then make the yarns and after weaving again washing on the river and drying on a fresh air. Super soft blankets suitable for babies and you chill time in front of the TV or favourite book.