Collection: Organic Pillows

We produce comfortable natural bed pillows for your sweetest dreams. Nothing is better than the wool when it comes to a nice and calm dream. As we LOVE wool we use it when we create our special natural pillows.

We have different options for a pillow cases and also few options for woolen filling.


Raw wool filling - for customers who like firmer pillows. It is definitely not and firm pillow which we make from this filling but you will get stable support to your neck and head and you will not "disappear" into your pillow.

Small balls made from raw wool - We have a machine which makes special balls from the raw wool and adds a volume to the wool. This is a mechanical process - there are no any chemicals or detergents included into it. These pillows are for those who like softer filling. The product is super fluffy and all-natural.

90% wool / 10% polyester balls - added 10% polyester fibers in this option for additional sustainability.

Pillow cases

Linen pillow cases

Quilted linen pillow cases

Cotton sateen pillow cases

Merino wool pillow cases

Hemp pillow cases

Double sided pillow cases - made from 1 side merino wool, and other side from linen, hemp, cotton etc.

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