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Organic Merino wool baby blanket

Organic Merino wool baby blanket

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This nice and cozy baby blanket (or throw) is absolutely ecological and nature friendly.

Give your baby treasure a pure natural cuddle from the nature.
It provides that special natural warmth that only merino wool could deliver.

Why exactly this baby blanket / throw?

Because it is 100% ecological , handmade and natural!

Its production process is basically part of Bulgarian historical legacy and it gets us to the livehood our grandfathers have had back in the days.

It is crafted following very old production technology which includes weaving on an old vintage weaving loom.
It prepares the merino wool fabric and it is after that washed on the river based "BARA" plant.
The wool is washed and centrifuged on that "BARA" without using any chemicals but only with natural made soaps and water and after that it is stretched out on a fresh air.
One more special treatment is made to this merino wool fabric which will give an additional softness and fluffiness to the ready blanket.
Final processes are cutting and making the fringes and here you have this lovely special natural merino wool blanket.

Wool that is used for this special one is with 21-23 microns diameter of the wool fiber and comes from Bulgarian and European sheep farms.
There is around 5 to 10% Australian finest merino added for an extra softness.

400-450 grams per square meters merino wool is in the blanket which basically makes it pretty warm one.
It looks more like a throw or TV blanket but it is warm enough to be even used for sleeping.
It is super soft and cozy and can be used by your baby or kids.

Raw wool is Oekotex 100 certified which grants it doesn't contain any harmful for the body substances.

Absolutely chemical free and ecological product!


  • 100 % merino wool (undyed , unbleached)
  • weight: 0,360 kg (0.79 pounds)

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