Collection: Organic Mattress Protectors

The Woolland provides special selection of natural fibers mattress protectors.

Linen and wool mattress protectors

We have double sided mattress protectors which are made with 3 different layers. They have winter side from pure merino wool fabric, middle layer of quilted woolen padding and summer side from pure linen. Linen is to provide freshness , middle layer is to add more softness , merino wool is of course to give that natural warmth which is absolutely beyond any comparison.

Cotton sateen and wool mattress protectors

Also an option with three different layers. Middle layer  is from woolen batting, winter side from merino wool and summer side is from luxurious cotton sateen fabric. These mattress protectors add a softness to your base mattress as well as they increase its life protecting it. The cotton sateen side has super soft and light feeling when it touches the body.

Hemp and wool mattress protectors

Those are also 100% natural mattress protectors. Hemp textile is sustainable and you can use these products for years. Also super soft and warm due to both woolen layers - middle layer from woolen padding and the merino wool surface sewn from the winter side.

All natural mattress protectors in the Woolland store are fully customizable. For special size, composition or design requests feel free to contact us here. We will prepare and send personalized quote especially for you.