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Merino Wool and Linen mattress

Merino Wool and Linen mattress

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I wanted to make such mattress in our workshop from a very long time.
So proudly can say this one is one of my masterpieces after is started my production work in the workshop.

It is actually typical, traditional bed for Bulgaria and similar mattresses have been used in our country before many, many years. We call it diushek (originally comes from the Turkish word döşek ).
It is pretty similar to French floor cushions and mattresses as well as with the Japanese futon mattresses but the difference here is the original raw wool filling and pure flax cover which is used in craftmanship of my all natural mattress.

My original idea from the very beginning of my theWoolland shop is to create natural products as much as closely connected to the Mother Nature.
So adhering that I tried to produce as much as similar ones to those wool mattresses which have been used from people for sleeping in the past.


Cover / Case:
Firstly I chose really high quality hundred percent linen (flax) fabric which is not bleached, dyed or painted additionally and also has not treated with chemicals or harmful substances. Linen is certified with Standard 100 by Oeko-tex (Oeko-tex 100 is one of the world most trusted labels for textiles which grants that the fabric doesn’t contain harmful substances).
Flax fabric is famous with its strength and also with the natural feeling when it touches the body . It also gives freshness and coziness and pretty vintage look to the whole product.
Cover is tufted with a traditional method called tufting which ensures the woolen filling would stay exactly where it needs to be.
Original linen thread is and woolen tufts are used in the process of tufting which additionally brings stability of the mattress.
Mattress border (tape edge) is made with woolen tape which is covered by the linen fabric and sewn on a special sewing machine.

This natural merino wool mattress is filled with hundred percent natural raw wool , which is also Oekotex 100 certified.
The wool ( along with the linen) is a material which has been used from the people from very ancient times and it is still actual and one of the best options to make a sleeping product from nowadays.
It has hundreds of benefits especially when it comes to a bedding product and a product for good sleep.

Important note for the wool filling:
Height of this mattress is listed to be 7 inches. Normally the wool lose some of its volume after some period of using and that is why we make sure making the product thicker and putting an extra filling so after it slags it can come to the original listed height.

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